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Using the Law of Attraction to Achieve Your Wishes – Wishes420

There seems to be so much about the Law of Attraction being used to bring you what you want into your life. The bottom line of this law is that you will achieve anything that you wish for. When you want to achieve your wish, several rules come into play. “What do you wish for?” you must be very clear about this. You must put pen to paper and write down what you wish for so that you can see more clearly what it is you want to achieve. If it is a particular type of car or more money you wish for, you need to be very detailed, what is the color of the car, who is the manufacturer, which specific model, include as much detail as possible or how much money do you wish for, put a value on it. Set these targets to aim for.

You need to know the feeling of what you wish for. This is where your emotions will work with the universe to attain your heartfelt wishes. It is so important to feel what it is like to have the money you wish for, the car you want, in fact, you can wish for whatever you desire but you must know what the feeling is like to have it so that your feelings and energy attract the wish through the universe.

You need a strong belief. Our beliefs come about through different events in our life. A couple of people can have a different view on the same event they have seen, based on their own ideas. Most times, we get emotional feelings from these events which in turn set our beliefs.

We have many beliefs; they either help us or they do not. A lot of these beliefs happen without thinking about them which is why we must believe in what we are wishing for. If you don’t, then that is why you do not achieve your wish, or you do but it becomes hard work.

You need to let go to achieve your wish. You need to let go of the emotional baggage that you carry with you to allow the universe to bring you what you wish for. Now, no one is saying that this is easy, it is not, because you are fighting your own mindset. Many times it has been said “ask and it is given” but then you see nothing happen straight away. This then causes your mindset to have doubt about it working. You need to make your mind believe that it is real. Many times, our wishes appear when we least expect them, when we are not thinking of them consciously. When we are thinking of our wishes unconsciously, they appear out of the blue and into our lives.

To end this article about a small part of the Law of Attraction, you must ask for what you wish for in detail. This will let the universe bring it to you and finally you must let go of the baggage to be able to receive your wishes. But do be careful about what you wish as the Law of Attraction works all the time, whether it is for good or bad. Keep an eye on your wishes and make sure you are ready to receive whatever it is you are wishing for.

May you achieve everything you desire.

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