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Keeping The Legend Alive With Wishing Well Plans

The term wishing well is derived from European folklore and describes a well where any wish that is spoken would be granted. The idea was that water housed deities had been placed into these wells as a gift from the gods and that they would grant wishes.

Another ancient tale about wishing wells involves Nordic myths. A story is known as the “Well of Wisdom” tells of Mimir, the Nordic god of wisdom. Another Nordic god named Odin came to Mimir seeking wisdom. Mimir told Odin that in order to receive the gift of wisdom he would have to throw something of value into the well. Odin threw his right eye into the well and received the wisdom to see the future and the understanding of why things must be.

The basic idea passed down through time has been that if you give something to the guardian or dweller of the wishing well, then they will pay you back by granting a wish. Traditionally, coins would be tossed into the wells. Present day, many people still throw pennies into these wells to make their wishes.

You can find these wells all over the place. Many malls still have them. And there are even famous wells throughout the world such as the Upwey Wishing Well which can be found just north of Weymouth, England.

You can keep the legend of these mystical wells alive by implementing a set of wishing well plans. This will not only help preserve the legend but will also give you your own story to tell about the process of building it. You can admire your work and be proud that you’re keeping old traditions alive.

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