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If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Be Riders

A person’s heart is an enormous bag full of uncountable wishes whether he be enjoying his life to his heart’s content or he be living a life below average, his greed to get more and more will never come to an end, and because of this natural phenomenon, everybody seems to devise different strategies to fulfill their wishes by hook or by crook. For example, a businessman, running an enterprise at a large scale will never be satisfied by the outcome of his business and he will have very avid eyes on the profit, he will always be on the mission to discover ways to get rich fortnightly.

Shedding some more light on the title of this article to elaborate more on it, we can say the basic meaning of this old saying is, if everyone can get what he wishes for, then there would be no practical development, and there would be no difference between a hard worker and a wish maker, because the latter can enjoy all of those things by just wishing them which a hard worker is getting through his hardworking. In fact, there would be no hardworking at all, if wishes were to come true this way.

Dreaming for something is an essential part of human nature because you cannot achieve a milestone until and unless you dream it, but you need to be very much practical and hard work oriented. You should not be one of those who build castles in the air; in fact, being optimistic towards achieving your wishes is very good, if you can keep in mind the ups and downs of life.

Without being practical, the situation can lead to a very worse situation where you would end up in suffering from the trauma of cursing your fate for none of your wishes coming true. You could get victimized by jealousy as well when observing other people enjoying their life prosperously, while the picture could be entirely different, as everyone is in dire need of fulfilling their wishes.

If you often find yourself getting lost in thoughts and fantasies when you know you should be ‘getting on with things’, then this is the time you need to stop daydreaming. For most of us, it is much more practical to get into at least some action to fulfill our wishes. Otherwise, we simply spend time imagining how great it will be to get our wishes to come true without noticing that there may be action required to achieve them. So the bottom line, the wishes cannot come true in just fraction of seconds, it takes time and a lot of efforts to make a wish come true.


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