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3 Wishes To Move Away From Loss And Bereavement

The story of Aladdin tells of a boy who finds a lamp, rubs it, and has a mystical genie pop out who grants him three wishes. There are times when we all wish we had our own magic lamp with a genie inside to grant us wishes. Certainly, the story causes us to think about what we’d ask for if we were granted just three wishes. It can help us reflect on our own loss, hopes, and wishes.

Can You Reawaken Happiness With A Genie

Just pretend you were able to bring back the mystical genie to grant you three wishes. He’s been receiving plenty of questions recently about the loss of a loved one. What would you wish if your genie decided to focus on a wish-granting session? Let’s call him Dumbos. Consider the wishes you would request to reconcile your loss and bereavement. Consider what Genie Dumbos would say:

Wish #1: Genie Dumbos, I am filled with so much sorrow from my loss. Give me the key steps to find happiness again so I know where to focus my thoughts and actions.

The Genie Says:

Every bereavement is a little bit different, but many grieving their loss run into this problem. They just don’t know where to start. Plus, they want the life they had back before their loss.

“We begin to remember not just that you died, but that you lived. And that your life gave us memories too beautiful to forget.” ~Author Unknown

Focus on the new you and your new circumstance. Your life and your circumstance will remain different forever. Focus on accepting your loss and at the same time actions that can make you happier. Don’t feel guilty seeking happiness. At the same time hold fast to the sweet memories of the past.

There are three helpful ways to approach this situation. You:

  • Renew old and seek new friendships
  • Do things that have more staying power in your life
  • Remember who and what you have lost. In seeking happiness there is still a special place for the one you love
  • The problem with these three solutions is healing is time-sensitive and it takes a period of time and efforts on your part. Only then will progress begin to unfold.

Wish #2: Genie Dumbos, when can I expect to find happiness again? Can I ever?

The Genie Says:

Your efforts must be persistent efforts, relevant every day, every week that continue all year – timeless. They are essential to the new you and your new circumstance. Aim for the best actions that make you happy again.

“Bereavement is the sharpest challenge to our trust in God. If faith can overcome this, there is no mountain which it cannot remove.” ~Dean Inge

Here’s where to start: Take a look at the success of your own actions by checking on your emotions. Does your life feel more wholesome and happy? Have you begun to feel more at peace? If not renew your efforts and choose other actions of happy things.

Wish #3: Genie Dumbos, grant me this one wish to always use the perfect balance of actions to help me on my healing journey.

The Genie Says:

At first, this seems like a tall order, but it really isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

“The darker the night, the brighter the stars, the deeper the grief, the closer is God.” ~Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Don’t ever forget the enabling power of communion with God. Seek his inspiration and comfort.

Never try to stuff extra actions into your life that are not realistic and possible. At no time, try to erase the happy memories you had. They should always be part of your life. On the other hand, if your everyday actions don’t stay focused on your targeted new life to be happy again you may not experience a wholesome happy circumstance. Half an effort won’t get you any closer to optimizing your new life. You must keep all your happy memories and make new happiness.

Grief is a natural product of loss

Grief really is a natural product of loss. As you lose someone you cherish and love, adapting to your new circumstance allows you to write the next chapter of your life without denying your loss. It isn’t easy but possible. Your first step is to embrace and acknowledge your grief. This begins your healing journey. There is a period of time for adapting your loss and acceptance. This is your grieving period. Anyone worth losing creates grief.

Granting Your Wishes

Wishes like: Genie, grant me a never-ending stream of happiness and Genie, ensure my efforts will make me happy on my first effort, are faulty and defective. Your Genie would say: There’s really no single trick to gaining happiness from bereavement and loss. A third defective wish is: Genie, grant me this one wish to always use the perfect balance of happiness and peace. Life isn’t that way. Life ebbs and flows. We make our own happiness. You can.


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